Post Mortem: Take to Heart

  A writer is always growing. And is always human. In creating Take to Heart, I've ran into problems that I could have easily solved if I was more proactive. Mistakes could have been easily avoided if I were to just planned accordingly and have guidelines that steered me away from having to deal with the inconvenience. But nothing is more fun than learning from your mistakes. And failing is the best way to tell your brain to be aware and to hone in the behavior that encourages you to be more proactive. That said, I learned a lot while writing my first script. Unless you're blessed with the talent from a thousand gods, your first work will always be sloppy. It will never be the pretty sight we imagine when we start pursuing any skill or hobby. Fortunately, for those willing to learn, that's half the pleasure in pursuing such things. Keeping track of your progress and seeing how much you've grown adds more incentive to be better. You don't always know what you don

Games and Movies

Schindler's List A picture and a song can only do so much. It can try its best in being expressive but its limit is determined by its lack of potential, knowing that it could have the essential half Movies are best at letting you be engrossed in a story. Games are best letting you be immersed in an experience. One can't do what the other does best. Games are about interactivity. Feeling like you're there. Movies let you witness a life right in front of you. Games are overall superior in that it can branch between doing what games do best and diving into territories of film. Having stories, characters, ideas, and messages that you'll love and cherish. While games can go a path of film-like practices, it'll feel more and more like a movie and less of an actual game. The flowchart of all the possible paths the player can take  in one of the many chapters of Detroit: Become Human It's never a black and white thing when it comes to games. "Is this a ga

Writing Logs: Take to Heart Book One

Collection of logs I've made during the initial creation of my comic 'Take to Heart' and the 3-month writing process of the final script. The text in parenthesis are post-commentary and context. There are no spoilers. Beyya. 03/21/2020 Oh no, I started another comic. And people are loving it. And I love continuing it. (Context: I made a short sort of joke comic of someone in quarantine befriending a ghost. It didn't start as a pilot comic, more so a one-off idea, but like all of the comics that I work on long-term, they start as a simple idea. The pilot comic: The reason I said "oh no" here is because I tend to have these comic ideas that I wanna go through with but most end up as another comic that I'll abandon months later.) 03/22/2020 The very first concept art of Beyya and Sanjay. The funny thing about Beyya and Sanjay's Colors is that I just let my colorblindness take ful